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Angela Lee Jenkins

Tan and Dave delivered A wow session on the positive Psychology of sales as guest speakers on my mentorship program. It was so informative, relevant and engaging with takeaways to implement now. In fact I implemented one as a part of the pre work and signed up a $3k client before the session. Myself and the team have an entire new understanding of sales that we are looking to moving forward with

Chris Ezzy

I'd really like to thank the team at MyCoopShop as they have been absolutely amazing with the strategies, tech and support they have given us for our small business. In a short amount of time we were able to have clarity of direction and implement strategies that saw our business thrive. Thank you for all your hard work, we appreciate you!

Sami May

The team at MyCoopShop have been instrumental in the growth of our small business. The strategy sessions were incredibly helpful in giving us clarity and providing focus and their support, knowledge and digital know-how has been second to none. Highly recommend their services. Thanks guys!

The Outdoor Consultants

We had the wow experience with helping to build growth for our brand. Having taken on an existing business, just putting up a sign that said "New Management" was not going to work with what we wanted to do. We were able to use an entire strategy and get all the help we needed to gain traction for our outdoor education program. Thanks so much!

The Solution Network

We received so much help and support to start and scale our project that the launch and first 90 days was so much more than we ever could have expected! Thank you and I highly recommend using the programs for building massive value to your audience.

Belinda Paul

Thanks so much to the team for all the help and support provided in helping to develop our training and support program. It was such an amazing experience and has completely changed the way we work.

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